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Bioresonance Therapy

It is a generally accepted theory in Quantum Physics, that everything in the universe is in vibration and has a frequency.  Bioresonance was developed in Germany in the 1970’s and is used both as a diagnostic and treating tool.  Using BRT I measure the various frequencies of your body that is affected.  Equally I use the BRT to restore and strengthen the healthy oscillation of your body.

What is Bioresonance Therapy?

The concept refers to the therapy methods that deals with the therapeutic influence, therapeutic control and guidance of the body’s own energies and pathological energies.

BRT is a therapy method that affects the energetic condition of our body. Through this, the physiological (healthy) oscillations of our body are strengthened, and/or the pathological (illness-causing) oscillations of our body are reduced. The aim is that our steady state is changed and the energetic condition is improved in favour of our physiological oscillation (How BRT Works)

How I apply BRT to you

In your first 2 ½ hours consultation I will test out your meridians and elements. I combine this with your test results and your assessment, also from this first consultation.  This will give us a clearer picture of which imbalance in your body your symptoms stem from.

From this information, we will define a treatment plan for you, including what it may involve from you personally, how many treatments you are likely to require in order to assist you with your condition.

The follow-up treatment is according to the treatment plan. We will first stabilise the Elements and then the Meridians, thus stabilising the base before we go down to address the organ or cellular level.

The better the elements and the meridians are working together, the more energy the organs will have to work properly.

I do this with a Bioresonance Machine in order to transmit the information from the test tool developed by Martin Keymer according to your personal tests and needs.

My approach is to work with your individual information using the test tool

Mostly I do not work with the information of the machine itself, but much more through individualised information through the test tools itself and through that the therapy itself is far more adjusted to your personal needs.