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In 1985 I began working in the health industry in my native Switzerland where I first graduated and worked as a general nurse. Some years later I began studying intensive care medicine and once completed I worked in intensive care units for seven (7) years.

Already while studying to become a nurse I recognised the value of holistic medicine.  This was further emphasised when working in intensive care.  To address this I first studied remedial massage, reflexology, deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage.  I was able to observe how a more holistic approach to medicine assisted our bodies to heal themselves, and set out to research other modalities.

Next I undertook a four (4) year course in psychodynamic and healing followed by a three (3) year course in Craniosacral Therapy.  It is a life changing experience to witness the power of holistic healing first hand, and I have committed my future professional career as a health provider to follow the philosophy and principles of holistic healing.

Between 2010 and 2013 I trained under Mr Martin Keymer to become a Bioresonance practitioner, and I will be undertaking further studies under him in order to increase my knowledge in this area.