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Therapeutic House – Martin Keymer

When looking to study Bioresonance I was fortunate to find Martin Keymer.  Born into a family of  doctors of many generations Mr Keymer has an inate understanding of the importance of science and empirical knowledge.  With his extensive and deep knowledge of Medicine, Acupuncture, Naturopathy and the function of universal laws he has been able to combine the essence of many recognised medical traditions, such as Chinese Medicine, Nutrition and of course conventional Western Medicine, and create a holistic and encompassing treatment plan for his clients.

Martin Keymer founded Therapeutic House in 1992.  The concept that is communicated by Therapeutic House is the “the fundamentals of a right lifestyle without pursuing dogmas or paradigms that also exist in the naturopathic field”.  Mr Keymer draws on 30 years of practical experience in the naturopathic field, especially the bioenergetic diagnostic and therapy system.  He has authored numerous publications, including “Bioenergy Therapy” and “The Secrets of the rhythm of life and the universe“.  These books are currently only available in German.

By studying under Martin Keymer, I have learnt to apply Bioresonance in his holistic approach, to diagnose and address the cause of the disease, not only the symptom.  Naturally his training also includes how to address acute illnesses as well, when required.

To read and learn more about Therapeutic House and Mr Martin Keymer you can go to his website here: